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Amena olio extravergine di oliva biologico

Production area: Roccamena
Altitudine: 400 s.l.m.
Harvest time: half october to half november
Collection Method: manual
Extraction: cold pressed with continuous plant. Unfiltered process.
Packaging: 250 ml glass.
Color: intense green
Perfume: Intense Fruity with notes of freshly cut grass and a high phenolic concentration
Flavor: Full-bodied and enveloping, endowed with marked bitter and spicy notes. Galardo Novello is a freshly milled evoo that is perfect to satisfy the most demanding palates who love an extra virgin olive oil with a strong and decisive taste.
Peculiarity: Galardo Novello contains a greater quantity of vegetable fibers, therefore a greater quantity of polyphenols much more than the classic extra virgin olive oils. Polyphenols are antioxidant substances that are beneficial for our health.
Pairings: Bruschetta with Novello evoo is perfect for tasting its strong essence and aroma. It is also particularly suitable for enriching the taste of both white and red raw meats and intensely flavoring Autumn and Winter dishes with strong notes.

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